Register Now for Summer Camps!

Ardastra is offering three summer camps to ignite the imaginations of your young nature enthusiasts! Enjoy fun activities, hands-on learning, and animal experiences.

Animal Detectives: July 1st – July 5th
Curious Minds of Scientists: July 15th – July 19th
Environmental Ambassadors: July 22nd – July 26th

Learn more about the camps at our Education Page.

Field Trip and T-Shirt are Included!
Price: $175 +VAT

For more information: Call 323-7232 or email

Easter Pails & Bunny Tails Event

Join us on April 1st, 2024 for an Easter party here at Ardastra! You will enjoy full gardens access, a flamingo show, keeper talk, Easter egg hunts, craft tables , vendors, an Easter Bunny meet & greet photo op, ribbon cutting for a new bunny condo, and an animal adoptions special. The event runs 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Adults: $8 (Member Adults: Free) 
Children Ages 2-15: $12 (Member Children: $5)
Children Under 2: Free

For more information: Call 3235806 or email

Interactive Tortoise Feeding Experience

Enjoy a presentation with an animal keeper while you feed, pet and groom our tortoises! Learn about these amazing creatures and their importance to our ecosystem!

$7/person. Experience takes place at 11:30 AM every day in our tortoise habitat. 

Hedley Edwards

About Ardastra

In the heart of Nassau, more than four acres of lush tropical gardens are inhabited by a variety of animal species, including the national bird of the Bahamas, the Caribbean flamingo. The site of Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre was originally designed by Jamaican horticulturalist Hedley Edwards in 1937. He named the gardens Ardastra, from the latin words ardua ad astra, meaning “striving towards the stars” because he felt that it depicted a ‘utopia of peace, beauty and tranquillity’.  He developed the picturesque and exotic gardens as a nature preserve, later bringing in the endangered Caribbean flamingo from the island of Inagua in the 1950’s, developing what was to become a highly successful breeding programme.  Over time, the birds were trained to perform for visitors and Ardastra became their permanent home.  

In 1980, the gardens were purchased by Norman Solomon, whose passion for wildlife and conservation education inspired him to incorporate more animals into the gardens and create a boutique zoo. Today, thousands of visitors visit annually to marvel at the tranquil, restorative gardens; enjoy close encounters with our collection of over 135 animals; and admire the long-legged flamingo beauties National Geographic has called “Ballerinas in Pink”. The opportunity to enjoy this rare gem will be a highlight for visitors of all ages. Ardastra Gardens depends on philanthropic support from the public to meet its operating needs and to fulfill its educational and conserving missions.

Community & Support

Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Centre depends on philanthropic support from the public to meet its operating needs and to fulfill its educational and conserving missions. 

Tourism Compliance Certificate –
Ministry of Tourism

Recognition as an Educational Facility –
Ministry of Education