Summer Camps

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are operating under limited hours and capacity. Our summer camps also have specific guidelines that all participants must follow. Reservations are required for campers.

Summer Camps

Our exclusive summer camps offer fun and educational activities to fit all skill levels and abilities. Browse our wide variety of camp themes below and submit the online form to register your camper(s) for an experience they will never forget!

Weekly Rates (VAT inc.)

$135 – One non-member child
$121.50 – Each additional non-member child
$110 – Each member child
$30 – lunch package per child (lunch details upon request)


Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

A signed waiver, screening form and health protocol form are required. Download and complete the forms below and return via email to

Camp Photos

Camp Themes

Theme: "The Avian Express" (June 28th - July 2nd)

Hop on board the “Avian Express” as we learn about our avian ambassadors from various countries and regions. Campers will learn all about the plethora of avian species that call Ardastra home and get a sneak peek into their habitats in the wild and the threats that these species face around the world. This camp is all about the birds!

Theme: "Creative Critters" (July 12th - July 16th)

This week of zoo camp is dedicated to highlighting the amazing creativity of our animal ambassadors. From adaptations to learned behaviors; campers will explore how animals creatively overcome obstacles in the wild by becoming “Creative Critters” themselves. This week of camp will be chocked full of crafts, performances and gallons of paint.

Theme: "Eco-Evolution" (July 19th - July 23rd)

This camp is all about the evolution of our environment and the animals that call it their home. With the help of Ardastra’s animal ambassadors, campers will learn about the adaptations that animals have acquired to help them survive in the ever evolving wild. Campers will also learn about the impacts of climate change and other human driven environmental changes that impact animals around the world. 

Theme: "The Great Garden Escape" (July 26th - July 30th)

Join us as Ardastra Gardens is transformed into an outdoor escape room. Using knowledge gained throughout the week, campers will move their way throughout the gardens solving interactive puzzles and riddles to “escape” sections of the garden each day. Campers will have an opportunity to meet and interact with different animal guides along the way who will help them on their quest.

Theme: "The Circle of Life" (August 2nd - August 6th")

Every animal holds a special place in the circle of life. Throughout the week, campers will learn about the role of organisms in their respective ecosystems. From microscopic organisms to apex predators; campers will gain an appreciation for all organisms, big and small, and learn about how human actions can disrupt the delicate balance of the circle of life.

Theme: "Ardastra's Got Talent" (August 16th - August 20th)

Ardastra’s animal family has got TALENT! From neat adaptations to cool colors and unique tricks; this is one talented crew! Campers will have the opportunity to learn about the skills that our animals have evolved or learned during this fun-filled week and have the opportunity to show their fellow campers their own special talents. This week will end with a bang at our Camp Talent Show! Join us as we learn about what makes the animals at Ardastra so special.